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After watching the movie "The Emperor Penguin Diary", my heart can't calm down for a long time. film describes a group of emperor penguins in the cold Antarctic. After more than ten days of trekking, they reached the cold end. They began to seek spouses, dance on the ice, and love each other. Three months later, the female penguin gave birth to the egg baby. After entrusting the baby to the male penguin, it was about to start a long journey, go to the sea to find food, and feed the baby that was about to be born. At this time, the penguin dad has to go through a long four months Carton Sale On Newports, do not eat or drink, to resist the cold snowstorm until the hatchling baby. After the baby is born, the mother of the penguin will come back Wholesale Newport Cigarette Store. At this time, the penguin father will hand the little penguin to the penguin mother, start the expedition with only a little effort Newport Short Cigareetes, and go to the sea to find food... In my eyes, the penguin's body is small, slow and slow, and I am really worried that the penguin will fall halfway. In fact, my fears are superfluous. The little penguins have enormous energy in them. They can not eat for four months, or they can walk for many days in a row. And the penguins are especially united with each other and always gather together to act Newport Cigarettes At Wholesale Prices. Some of the scattered penguins will go around aimlessly and then slowly die in the lonely, because they will not recognize the direction when they leave the group. So Penguin can travel long distances to reach the destination. I think it is thes deeply impressed by the warm family relationship between the penguins, the spirit of unity and cooperation, and the superior endurance. If you have time, let's take a look! Hello everyone, I am a small tour guide, Zhong Yangwei. Today, the attraction we visited is the second city of Yu (su��). Tell everyone a secret: this is the school I am studying! Then g open the classroom door, rows of neat rows of tables and chairs come into view, they are indispensable partners in the study of students. Every day, everyone sits upright in a chair, concentrates on listening to classes, rushing to speak and concentrate on learnik wall, there are four well-known celebrity famous sayings, which encourages theking south, we can see a lot of window, clean and transparent glass, beautiful light greenplease sit in the seat. At this time, you can see that there is a big blackboard on the front of the classroom. The teacher often has a book on the top of the board Newport 100S Cheap Shipoing From Usa. Every ever the clouds are overcast, the seven fluorescent lamps at the top of the classroom fully play their role, and the classroom becomes bright immediately. Whenever the weather is boring (m��n) hot, the four ceiling fans interspersed in the middle of the fluorescent lamp will ��stand up�� and send the students a cool breeze, so that everyone can be more y introduction is here, then everyone is free to visit! 

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