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Labor is hard, but people also gain happiness in labor. It is a hot noon, the sun is like a fireball, burning the earth. I stood bored on the windowsill and looked at the scenery downstairs. With a roar, a white van drove over, parked downstairs, a driver in green overalls walked behind the truck, and then another worker came down from the other side of the car. The car was loaded with wood for decoration Marlboro Gold. They opened the carriage together. A worker dragged a bundle of wood from the car and moved it to the first floor. Another worker squatted down, slid a piece of wood onto his shoulder, and carried it in. When it came out, a large bundle of wood was pulled out of the carriage. But he couldn't move, and another worker ran out of it, helping him carry it from behind before moving in together. In this way, I went back and forth a lot, and when they came out, they were already sweating. A worker wiped sweat from his head with a sleeve and sat on the steps. The other took a few sips of water from the cab and handed it to his partner sitting on the ground. At this time, a battery car came galloping and stopped downstairs. A child jumped out of the car, and then he Dad also got off the battery car Marlboro Lights, and behind the car was a yellow basket. "Hungry" on it. Oh, this is a delivery. The porter sitting on the steps murmured, "Delivering food with children?" The person delivering the food did not answer, but just looking at the unit number above, it turned out not to be this building. The child also got on the pedal of the battery car and left in a hurry. The two delivery workers were almost rested and started to work again. By the time they finished moving, they were sweating their backs, they closed the car baffle, patted the dust on their bodies, smiled at each other heartily, and looked at their tired and happy smiles, I couldn't help feeling: Labor is hard, But there are gains in giving mokingusacigarettes.com, not only gaining wealth, but also a sense of accomplishment and happiness. In work, our lives will be betterRelated articles:NewportCigarettesCoupons Marlboro Cigarettes

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