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Stepping into the middle school, colorful middle school life, inspires our curiosity and strong thirst for knowledge, and constantly learns new knowledge; stepping into the middle school Newport 100S, unfamiliar learning methods, inspire us to dream of brave chasing fate Constantly achieve self-transcendence. In my full and colorful learning career, moving into middle school has added me with a rich color. Speaking from the first day of school. The teacher sent us a composition book and said to us: "This is your essay book in the future. Use it well to express your life in words and languages ??..." After that, the essay composition once a week changed. It has become a gorgeous color in my study life. First, an impressive military training time kicked off. Facing the smooth lined paper, I recorded the unforgettable military training. Later, I turned over the pages of paper, and met us face to face. We were training hard under the scorching sun, the serious face of the instructor, and occasionally we saw us laughing in the shade. Then, the boat of middle school life officially set sail I am wearing a green camouflage military uniform and swim in the campus life. After turning a few pages, a colorful campus landscape painting is displayed in front of me. Rows of green trees, bright blooming flowers everywhere, stubborn "wild" fruits, tender grass fields ... Every beautiful picture touches me Heart. At this moment, I meet the charm of our beautiful campus. Later, in the essay, I climbed to the more challenging "rock wall" and tried to write articles on various topics Wholesale Cigarettes. Turning to the end, you will find that what you see is my writing world, which is my sunny and rich middle school life. At this point, it wasn't just my literary literary talents I met Marlboro Red, it was also my inner feelings. I was so excited when I received the first "commendation" for my composition. It has inspired my great interest in writing, as if it is a splendid "book". It is a pleasant thing for me to compose and match colors and grow on the road with such beautiful words.Related articles:NewportCigarettesCoupons Newport Cigarettes

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