How to Increase Security for Your Gmail Account?

The tricks provide an extra security layer in protecting valuable data present in the account. In this article we will know the ways of how we can increase safety for our email account to ease our mind in data protection.
To have more controlled accessibility to your email account there are certain ways that a user can protect their email account. Gmail is an email service provider giving user liberty to send message to anyone living on another corner of the world. To use its services every user has to sign up for an account, this sign up process mainly includes collection of valuable personal data and compromisation of this data is an essential activity for any email service that must be kept at highest priority.
They ways by which an account can be protected are –
1) Protecting user password – a password must be changed more often so that any third party software does not steal any personal info about you. To change password go to account info scroll down to "sign-in and security" and click on change your password. Now check password and reset option, there user can update their password reset info like updating phone number and giving an alternate email address. It is recommended that these parameters should be up to date at all times.
2) Set up two factor authentication– gmail refer this term as "second sign in verification". This can be setup by going on sign-in and security section in account info. Gmail only supports SMS for sending 2SV codes; enter the phone number and the received code. On clicking get started the 2SV is applied
3) Check settings – go to "sign-in and security" and click on "view your recent sign –in activity",
4) Password usage - never use same gmail password on other websites, because it puts you at risk on losing the password. However, you can recover your password through Gmail password recovery Phone number.
It will show all most recent attempts to login in your account and other significant events marked with date and time, device used, location and several other factors based on IP address. From this user can know if any unauthorized access has been attempted, it's worth looking just in any case.
If the user still finds any problem in applying these tips he/she can contact official Gmail Customer Service and follow the guidelines fully to protect the account from any external threats.

Michael Allport

Security of the Gmail account is enhanced and empowered of the safety of the material. The Gmail account and best essay writing service uk reviews is starved for the full use of the security codes for the protection of the material and content for the citizens.

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