Far Cry 3 to 5 Various Types of Gun Inventory

In the 3 to 5 generations of the Far Cry series, there are many gun weapons, and various types of guns, such as rifles and shotguns.
Far Cry 5 canceled this mechanism and changed it to a skin gun. However, because the data is the same as the original, it is selectively "ignored".
If it is not painted, accessories, simply by gun model (model), then Far Cry 5 / Far Cry 4 have 53 / 45 weapons (not melee and throwing objects, or Far Cry 5 will be higher).
Rifle / Assault Rifle:
The 3rd generation ACE is the 4th generation A52, although it should actually be Galil A53;
Half of the 10 guns in the 5th generation were MS16 and AK;
Far Cry 3 to 4 MS16 is the 5th generation MS16 Trooper (M1A SOCOM 16), and the 5th generation MS16 is M14;
The elephant gun (.700 Nitro) is a rifle, using a 17.8x89mm rifle;
The 45/70 of Far Cry 5 is Marlin 1894, not Winchester.
Half of the 10 in the 5th generation are MS16 and AK, and each of Far Cry 4 guns is different;
Far Cry 4 MS16 is Far Cry 5 MS16 Trooper (M1A SOCOM 16);
The Elephant Gun (.700 Nitro) is a rifle that uses a 17.8x89mm rifle.
Far Cry 5 D2 is a saw short elephant gun, and Far Cry 5 is the real saw short shotgun (Remington Sparta);
Far Cry 5 M133 (Baikal MP-133) also has the Vietnam War version.
Although they are called D2, Far Cry 4 is the .700 Nitro (elephant gun) sawing short, and Far Cry 5 is the real sawing short shotgun (Remington Sparta);
Except for the repetitive guns, even if you don't want to count the other two M133 models, there are SBS in Far Cry 5, and 1887 in the 4th generation;
In addition, M133 (MP-133) also has a Vietnam version model.
Rearranged, this time joined the 3rd generation of weapons.
The 1911 of Far Cry 3 and Far Cry 4 is Kimber Warrior (this model is indeed a custom version 1911), while Far Cry 5 1911 is S&W1911;
Far Cry 3 has 2 signal guns (Flare Gun and Type 10), but Far Cry 4 FG is Type 10 (Japanese 10 type signal gun), and Far Cry 3 FG is the Orion signal gun;
Far Cry 3 and Far Cry 4 of .44 Magnum is a 4-inch version of Cannon, not appearing in 5;
Far Cry 4 revolver has a Mark IV (Weberly Mk VI) in addition to Cannon and .44.
Submachine gun:
Far Cry 3 and Far Cry 4 MP5 is MP5N, Far Cry 5 is MP5A3;
Far Cry 5 SMG-11 is Cobray M11/9, not MAC-10/11.
Sniper gun:
Far Cry 5 .308 Carbine (CZ 527) also has the Vietnam War version.
machine gun:
The game comes with E4, and the DLC update is the real M60.
The flamethrowers are all LPO-50 (even 2 generations are also).
Beach/Grenade Launcher:
Far Cry 5 RPG is actually the American-made Airtronic RPG-7 (but not exactly, only a part of it);
But the real Far Cry 4 RPG-7 also appeared in the Vietnam War, and there is also a Far Cry 4 RPG (bug) at the tunnel entrance next to the Church of God Lamb.
In general, Far Cry 5 of guns is more than Far Cry 4 is an unquestionable fact. But because of this, I am worried that the next weekly tasks will not give new guns.
"Far Cry 5 is still worth investing more resources to make new guns? Don't want to go out for Far Cry 6?" "It's not a game focused on gun battles. What is the use of so many guns?"
Two kinds of arguments that can be foreseen.
Of course, if you can really see all Far Cry 3 and Far Cry 4 of guns return, and bring out a few Far Cry 5 new guns, that is the best.
It seems that 6P9, A.J.M.9 and GL-A87 are also seen in Far Cry 5 model file.
As for the other Far Cry 3 and Far Cry 4 of guns that have not yet appeared, here is a pessimistic assumption -
Models have appeared in 6P9 and A.J.M.9;
2 the probability of the signal gun is above, but the probability is only one, that is, Type 10 (4 generation FG);
M-716 has a medium probability. It's hard to say whether P-08 is used to replace the box gun, everything is possible;
Mark IV has a low probability. After all, there are 4 revolvers in the Far Cry 5 (S&W sponsored series);
Submachine gun
The A2000 probability is low. The reason is that the performance is not good, and there are more Far Cry 5 of SMG;
BZ19 has a high probability;
Sniper rifle
Far Cry 4 sniper already has a general advanced framework - squatting, light squatting, heavy squatting, re-connecting squatting, and the completion of Far Cry 5 SVD, plus the built-in AR-CL, has perfected the entire sniper system. . So it is difficult to see Far Cry 3 and Far Cry 4 of M-700 and Z93.
Rifle / assault rifle
The ACE/A52 and STG-90 are above the probability, but only one will appear;
BP-2 seems to be used to replace Far Cry 3 and Far Cry 4 F1, so F1 is not expected to appear;
The probability of P416 is extremely low. First, the manufacturer does not cooperate, and second, there is already a similar AR-C;
.700 Nitro already has a similar SBS (although it belongs to the rifle);
machine gun
MKG already has a similar M249;
PKM and U100 have medium probability, but only one will appear;
The machine gun has been perfected (of course, according to the advanced frame 5 generation can add a fully automatic spray)
Beach/grenade launcher
GL-94 has a high probability;
The model has appeared in GL-A87;
The LK-1018 already has a RAT-4, and the possibility of adding a rocket launcher is minimal;
Automatic probabilities in the middle, as one of the featured weapons;
The probability of the harpoon is extremely low, because Far Cry 5 has a shovel launcher.
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