Blade & Soul Summons How to Use the Potion to Achieve Perfect Output

The output in Blade & Soul is generally achieved by operation, speed, and equipment. In Blade & Soul, the pharmacy can also play a heavy lifting role.
This time we talk about how to use props.
Can drugs also increase strength?
What is this prop?
How is this prop used?
When everyone brushes a copy, the understanding of peony may be:
Isn't it just a drug? If I lose blood, I will lick it;
Learn to be a local tyrant to storm and save money.
Is there still secret or technology?
I originally thought so, but I had an in-depth exchange with Daxie;
They have the same habit or commonality in brushing copies.
This habit makes them output such as the Tigers, making them more immersive.
Careful readers must have found that two of them are immune to BOSS control skills, small series in the station pile; no need to walk; no need to use resistance skills.
Blade & Soul hasn't found it for three years, and time is playing on the cat;
I have never faced the anti-drugs before, and I have such a powerful effect on the resistance drugs that I lost after I lost the warehouse!
Then Xiaobian silently smashed thousands of resistance drugs to the Holy Land to combat:
Discover the inner and outer circle of the Holy Land:
The farmer of the Holy Land, a stone man, has three punches (weakness also takes the fly):
The second full screen vertigo:
Don't have to walk, don't lose output! Let Xiaobian feel very comfortable! And the ease of liberating your hands!
This greatly reduces the amount of operation and provides a stable and safe environment for the limit output.
such as:
Qigong summons the swordsman t to the inner and outer circle of the holy earth. The resistance medicine is definitely the best solution;
There are also various copies
Mechanical sacred
Dragon Tekken's Weak Boxing
Black Dragon Secret Hall:
A large number of sacred snakes knocked down the floating
Demon Alan's turn three times
And the demon gods are all kinds of flying weak
Stove Wu Qian infinite jump · Zhu evil infinite knockdown
Candle King's counter
The black wind witch's various full-screen floating knockdowns.
Peony drug resistance is a pre-judgment of the next skill. If you don't want to hide or are not convenient to hide, these skills are generally low-intensity control.
For example, summoning the inner and outer circles of the hiding place: I am using BOSS, how do you hide? go out? Or walk in and then go out?
Be aware that the frequency is not as fast as when moving, and it will be output when moving.
With it equals an invincible skill with a CD of 15 seconds for 3 seconds.
Those remote occupations such as summoning Qigong have no QE invincible skills and less CDs;
The use of resistant secret medicine as an auxiliary invincible skill is extremely effective.
Resistance to secret medicine origin:
The game assistant signs 5 times a day;
Ju Ling Ge has a high probability of 2-5;
The random package of the mall is randomly produced;
Various events are given.
The more you eat the medicine, the more you don't have to worry about eating it someday.
I set the peony button to the position on the capslobk key (to the left of the A key).
Some people may say that there is no such habit, you can change it without this habit!
This is a magical agent that can maximize your output and simplify your operation.
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