Aspect of her architecture process

When I asked why she enjoys cosplay, Bencze remarked, “It’s about accepting able to actualize something … A lot of humans adore accepting able to adhere out with their accompany as a altered character. And that’s the allotment they acquisition the a lot of rewarding, but for me, it’s in fact just the ‘making things’ action and accepting able to affectionate of add your aesthetic  TV Drama Costumes eyes to anyone else’s.” I in fact accompanying to this, accepting acquainted badly annoyed afterwards I added the final dabs of Mod Podge to my own costume.
Next, we discussed how Bencze develops an idea. “What I basically do is aces a appearance that I affix with, and that aswell has an absorbing design, and that I anticipate I can complete aural a reasonable bulk of time,” she abreast me. Already she acquires the raw materials, the absolute plan begins.
Bencze declared her approach; she creates anniversary apparel from blemish application bare fabric. “I’ll get my dress anatomy out and accomplish the accomplished pattern, and again go through the accomplished ‘fit’ thing. It’s a lot of absolute abstruse things that feel beneath like cosplay and a lot added like absolute apparel work,” she revealed. By contrast, added cosplayers alpha with banal items. “A lot of humans I apperceive will buy pieces on Amazon, just accouterment pieces that they can cut up, and acclimatize and adapt to accomplish the character,” she explained. “That’s a accomplishment I in fact admire, because…I don’t anticipate I could go online, aces out 5 items and be like, ‘this is what I’m traveling to change [about] anniversary one, and again it will attending like the appropriate thing.’ I accept to  alpha from absolute bare fabric, or I won’t apperceive what happens.”
Once she constructs the apparel itself, it’s time for makeup. Bencze expounded on this aspect of her architecture process: “I feel like the abode I can accept the a lot of fun is with makeup, because the accouterment is appealing set, for what [the character] wears. Altered styles of architecture are one of the a lot of altered agency that altered humans can accomplish characters their own.” In architecture design, a cosplayer can advertise their own aesthetic eyes for the character.

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