China sourcing- China's capacity is absorbed internally

We're seeing a similar process taking place here in China sourcing, and it's much, much bigger.China's capacity is absorbed internally, and while Bangladesh is planning to expand, it's pretty much full," said Roy Ashurst, a consultant to the Ethiopian Investment Commission, who has worked with manufacturers in China in the past.“Jewellery designs in Indonesia have evolved to lead in the world in terms of variety and creativity,” says Erwin Suganda, creative director of UBS Gold.Shenzhen in China. The domestic textile industry considers them loopholes,he noted, while AAFA argues that “they are negotiated as part of the fabric of the agreement.

"The dominance of the manufacturer of China market is clear — both in terms of future growth and overall size and as a main source market for destinations in the wider Asia Pacific region," the report said. Shanghai Pharma beat out private equity firms China custom manufacturing ltd.The world’s largest electronics and electric vehicle China manufacturing sourcing companies are not doing enough to ensure the cobalt in batteries they make or supply is not mined by child labour in the Democratic Republic of Congo, according to Amnesty International. "Their pricing on these lines is remarkably low; none of the local retailers can match them," says one industry player, who does not want to be identified, expressing a common suspicion that with global Chinasourcing supply chains these groups have scope for predatory pricing.Shanghai Pharma also plans to create a new direct-to-pharmacy chain, combining its own outlets with Cardinal China’s, to distribute imported drugs. Huayou says it has adopted OECD supply chain guidance, carried out a third-party audit, and stopped buying from China sourcing services traders who source from local markets where supply from child labour can be part of the mix.“China factory sourcing sourcing can be quite bureaucratic and a bit slow.”
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