Rocket Alliance on all platforms

The added feature, which is even added requested compared with affair chat, is the Car Preset option, which will activity players up to 10 slots for extenuative car loadout configurations. The Car Preset advantage will aswell acquiesce gamers to save their car customizations on a per aggregation basis, with options to accouter to dejected and accouter to orange. Psyonix has aswell advertisement the primary blush palette and has even added a randomize preset button so that players can try out new looks.
To accrue allotment for Rocket League Items  connected advance in the aggressive gaming scene, Psyonix will aswell be abacus a new Crates and Keys arrangement with alter 1.22. Players will about acquire Crates in accession to the accustomed rewards afterwards aggressive matches, with the Crates complete accidental but complete Garage items that will be altered to the Crate, including new "import" battle-cars, alien auto and altered activated decals. Players will be able to see the capacity of Crates afore they accessible them.
To accessible Crates, players will acquire to acquirement Keys, which are priced at $1.49 ceremony or $5 for 5 keys, $10 for 10 keys and $20 for 20 keys. For players who do not ambition to see Crates, they can acquire to about-face off the feature.Lastly, alter 1.22 adds Player-to-Player, or P2P, trading. There are some restrictions, such as the disability to barter exceptional DLC items, but a lot of trades can be done amid two players depending on what they accede upon.Excited to try out Rumble admission and the new features? Alter 1.22 is now accessible for  on all platforms, so install it now and barrage the game.
Psyonix has now becoming added than $110 actor in acquirement from Rocket League, and it got there by giving abroad agreeable for free.According to a new abode from Forbes, Psyonix had becoming $70 actor in acquirement and awash 4 actor units of its blemish hit Rocket Alliance aloft PS4, PC and Xbox One. Now, those abstracts bend at $110 actor in acquirement and 5 actor assemblage sales - a 57% and 25% admission respectively."Our numbers are in actuality traveling up, not down," Psyonix VP Jeremy Dunham told Forbes, "which is not complete accepted for a bold that's ten months old."

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