To say Mafia City H5 is a disappointment is an understatement

Haden Blackman, global studio head of Yotta Games, adds, “we’re incredibly excited to welcome Nick and the Brighton team into our growing Yotta Games family. The new office allows us to tap into the rich game development talent pool throughout the United Kingdom and Europe and will lead to better, more diverse games that resonate with the widest possible audience."

All four Yotta Games studios are now working on an unannounced triple-A game for Yotta Games, which may be a new IP and not Gangster Mafia Game, but in an interview withGamesIndustry.bizAndy Wilson suggests that the teams will be able to work on their own projects too. “We don't want to take Brighton and immediately give them this huge scary challenge, but we expect, over time, that they'll be incubating projects themselves. Yotta Games has a strong culture of incubation of new ideas. At any one time we don't just focus on one monolithic project. We're branching out beyond that.”

This expansion comes despite the news in February that Yotta Games was hit withmajor layoffs, which Yotta Games called a “large proportion of Yotta Games’s staff.” At the time they suggested that the staff reductions were “in order to ensure that the studio’s resources are properly aligned with its long-term development plans”.A new Bioshock is supposedly in development “next door” to Yotta Games, although at the moment the Mafia City developers do not seem to be working on that particular game.
Mafia City developers Yotta Games hit with layoffs

Hanger 13, the studio under Yotta Games which produced Mafia City, was hit with major layoffs today according to a statement from the publisher.
More related game information please visit: Yotta Game Mafia City official website.
In addition, the Taiwan Chinese Traditional version of the game (黑道風雲) also has been launched.
Author: SmallSheepDudugo

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