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It seems easy to get a mount in the WoW TBC Classic account, but it is actually a bit challenging to meet the requirements of getting a mount. Because first you need to reach level 70, and second you have to earn the required amount of WOW TBC Gold for the mount itself. Although it is not too difficult to train flying mounts, it is still very expensive. Ordinary flying mounts require 100g, and ordinary flying skills require 800g. The epic flying mount requires 1,000 grams, and the epic flying skill requires 5,000 grams.Therefore, with such a large consumption of TBC Classic Gold, it is not enough for players to simply earn gold coins in the game. Therefore, the quick way to Buy TBC Classic Gold directly through the website has become the first choice of most players. Here I recommend MMOWTS to you, because from November 23rd to November 30th MMOWTS will hold a Black Friday promotion. Players can get a 5% discount at checkout by using the coupon coded as "Friday". This is quite a big discount, go check it out!

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