FIFA 23 does reward precision in execution

Although it's not able to escape the series' recurring issue of FIFA 23 Coins being a bit dependent on speedy players completely, FIFA 23 does reward precision in execution across the board. My fingers hurt when I pull the triggers in order to drive dangerous counter-attacks. And the intensity of a pass has to be adjusted, which is difficult to master, yet rewarding when you can make your perfect pass.
The wrong tackle can also expose you to danger, as holding down the buttons too long could result in an unwise, numbing effort that is sometimes rewarded - but, most of the time it results in penalties that are numbing. The tackling of the last person back into an unintentionally thrilling, yet risky adventure.
The changes made These changes make FIFA 23 a slower game than FIFA 22. The consequence is that games have a consistent sense of significance. There's plenty of action in each half, usually several goals in a match, both the single-player as well as online modes, and the game has a few 0-0 draws. 
With the drama and spectacles every goal worth its salt will also result in an instant replay of the victory with overlayed statistics. This will ensure that your hard drives and social feeds the world over will be jammed with viral goal clips by year's end.
Set Pieces are similarly convincing giving you more control over the curl and power of your corners and free kicks. It took a bit of time, however, the free kicks improved on me over time, since they're more complex and preferable to the chaotic stick-pulling game of buying FUT 23 Coins previous times. The Penalty shootouts play out like an intense rhythm game, and are in the hands of the gods.

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