Even even Klay claimed that he hasn't been playing NBA2K

The momentum and culture that this game is gaining, the launch day after launch, just keeps getting larger. It's to be honest , quite overwhelming, yet incredibly exciting 2K MT. "As the spokesperson for NBA2K, Singh has an extremely significant role to play in growing the popularity of the game. In addition to facilitating the involvement of famous athletes and celebrities to personally connecting with the wider community, Singh understands the massive responsibility he takes on. 
"I believe I'm a bit like the funnel with regards to the mass awareness people. I've kept in touch with every player in our game. However, as a member of our communityof players really relies on my ability to stay up to date about what's happening," Singh said. "Our game isn't just drop it and leave it. It's updated every six weeks and significant ones featuring new music, brand new content for the game, new MyTeam cards, and brand new clothing apparel, every six weeks. 
It's a lot. As the person who is in charge of everything, I'm entrusted with an immense responsibility to communicate with our entire consumer base the best way we can. ""I consider it a badge of honor for the guys. The topic is something they'll definitely talk about when they're in their lockers," Singh said. "Even even Klay claimed that he hasn't been playing NBA2K ever since the Dreamcast The fact that he cares about his rating is such a huge concern to me. I know that that's not true. I can see his gamer badge He plays it well. 
But I also believe that in specific, he was really upset about an 88-3-point rating. But do you know is funny? That was still tied for the second-highest rating. I believe that's a part of the issue with having a friend who's leaps and bounds ahead of everyone else How do you manage this? Steph has been making more than 10% more three-pointers than the rest of us throughout the game Buy NBA 2K23 MT. Then at some point isn't her score at least 10% better than everybody on the field? How do we deal with that? I'm thinking he's damaged that scale. "

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