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He acknowledged that the afternoon program, with its 90 minute lesson, 75 minute rehearsal and 30 minute performance, was taxing. "You did great," he said.University Height's music program includes recorder instruction, but these lessons were the first experience with string instruments for most of the students.CONNECT WITH USOn mobile or desktop: Like The Star Ledger on FacebookFourth grader Precious Kehinde said she is glad she signed up and hopes to continue next year."I like it because you can express all your feelings any emotion you have you can play it out with the violin," said Precious, 10.
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Like Tony Scott's hit, Source Code is set largely on a passenger filled train threatened with destruction. In this film, however, the train crashes and everyone dies we know that in the first eight minutes, when Colter Stevens (Gyllenhaal) awakens with a start and finds himself sitting across from a smirking brunette named Christina (Michelle Monaghan) who keeps calling him 'Sean". The first time around, Colter, who insists he is a helicopter pilot deployed to Afghanistan, is unable to make sense of the situation, and is understandably dismayed when he looks in the mirror and sees another man's face.
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