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In FIFA 23, fans can perform some of the most iconic skill moves FUT 23 Coins from the soccer world with various players who have high skill move ratings. Some of the skill moves require players to have five-star skill ratings, while others can be performed by low skill rating players. 
The Elastico is a five-star skill move that can be performed by only a handful of players. Ronaldinho, one of the most skillful players of all time, often used and popularized this flamboyant skill move. 
The top five-star skill rating players like Kylian Mbappe, Cristiano Ronaldo, Neymar Jr., Tiago, Christopher Nkunku, and others can perform the Elastico easily in a match. This skill move is perfect to bamboozle defenders in a one-vs-one situation. The Elastico is most effective when wingers are cutting in from the flanks to enter the box or pull away for a crossing opportunity. 
In FIFA 23, players with five-star skill ratings can perform any of the skill moves. We recommend using these players to do difficult skill moves like the Elastico. There are six variations of this skill move in FIFA 23: the regular Elastico, Reverse Elastico, In Air Elastico, Reverse In Air Elastico, Hocus Pocus, and the Triple Elastico. All of them can be performed efficiently by five-star skill rating players to swiftly cut past defenders. 
There are also two Elastico Chops that players can perform. Both of the Chops are directional and allow players to make a swift turn against the opponent. Elastico Chop Right Xbox: Hold RB and roll the Right Stick from Left to Right (anti-clockwise)PlayStation: Hold R1 and roll the Right Stick from Left to Right (anti-clockwise) Elastico Chop Left Xbox: Hold RB and roll the Right Stick from Right to Left (Clockwise)PlayStation: Hold R1 and roll cheap FIFA 23 Coins  the Right Stick from Right to Left (clockwise) 

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