Quick tip for anyone purchasing 2K21 this gen

A whole lot of people assume they are not doing anything with present gen. Also the new ways to compete, he was indicating potentially more game modes apart from simply unlimited, when asked about that, he mentioned championship rings, maybe this is something that you build up in this"new tactics to compete" mode.
The whole making shots thing is huge. And I think that it's going to be difficult to tackle. I truly don't know what to do, green only sounds fine until you don't green a shot for a 3 minute stretch. I guess it might all come down to just how close you're to some green and just how good is the shooter's stats, in addition to though you are contested and just how contested you are, which is whole other matter. I really believe NBA 2K21 has gotten so complex that it is tough to generate a game that is fantastic. People expect so much and the more your tinker with things that the more issues arise.
I do understand that missing'marginally late' or'slightly early' wide open 3 with a shooter is infuriating though. Unpopular opinion possibly, but should not being great at video sport basketball be about more than how good you are at pressing a rod or button to get exactly x period of time? It ought to be about playing nicely as a team and enjoying distinct strengths, running good plays effectively to get good shots, moving down ball nicely, understanding defensive rotations and policies, etc..
Agree! Every time I suggest something similar to this on here the cornballs. Get rid of animation! Until they do that, there'll always be an optimal way to play and restrict creativity and diversity. The green shot system (particularly one that everybody sees) is counter intuitive to basketball, particularly with the focus they've put on stamina exercising quickly. Knowing a shooter is going in lets you slack on boxing outout, containing the transition escapes, etc.. That is one of the things that is pushed 2K further and further away from ball fundamentals.
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This tip really helped me with my 2k21 gen. Thanks a lot friend!
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