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Nintendo will celebrate major milestones in the popular games of the Pokémon series and Animal Crossing: New Horizons this year. Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been providing players with customizable island fun since its release for more than a year, but currently there are very few New Horizons activities. Nintendo wants to cross the border between Pokémon and Animal Crossing, and launch an anniversary day Fans of both games can use collectibles, DIY recipes and theme costumes. At the same time, this year marks the 25th anniversary of the Pokémon series, which is a great opportunity for Nintendo. In fact, we should also deeply understand the importance of ACNH Items to players.The efficiency of players obtaining Items in the game is far from enough, which prompted them to find a safe and reliable third-party game service provider, and MMOWTS is undoubtedly the first choice of players. Their professional team is composed of experienced players. They collect Items with extremely high efficiency and sell them at low prices, helping players save money, and are praised by players. If you want to buy Animal Crossing Nook Miles Ticket but don't want to spend too much time waiting, then they can fully meet your needs. In fact, their extremely fast delivery speed makes almost all players satisfied. Moreover, they have a wealth of experience in avoiding punishment, and each of your orders will be delivered through the safest transaction method. They can ensure that your account will not cause any abnormalities and cause losses. With the help of MMOWTS, you will not have to worry about the lack of ACNH Items at all, and their online customer service will solve all the problems you encounter.

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