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FC 24 Career Mode enthusiasts love to take on challenges, so they are FC 24 Coins always up for rebuilding the clubs in the lower divisions. If you are attempting to go for such a rebuild, you must carefully purchase players, as you would have minimal money to work with.
Related: FC 24: Best Players From Bundesliga To Sign In Career Mode
Investing in a striker early might help you sort out your attack and ensure your side scores an acceptable number of goals during the first couple of seasons. You can look at the section below to find a list of the best young strikers to buy in the Career Mode, keeping in mind a maximum budget of Aeuro;1 million for the position.
The rating and potential listed below are as of FC 24's latest July Squad update.
10 Sinclair Armstrong, Queens Park Rangers 
Sinclair Armstrong will be a fantastic pickup in FC 24Arsquo;s Career Mode, and the young Irish striker would be one of the best options if you want a pacey striker. He also has great physical attributes in the game, which will also help you out immensely on the pitch.
The player currently represents Queens Park Rangers and has played a fair amount of EFL Championship matches in his breakthrough season. Buying the 62-rated talent would thus be a good option, and he has the potential to reach the mark of 80.
9 NicolAograve; Tresoldi, Hannover 96 
There are a lot of hidden gems playing football in the buy FC 24 Coins different tiers of Germany, one of which being NicolAograve; Tresoldi. He made his breakthrough in the main team of Hannover 96 in the 2023-2024 season; however, he is yet to score his first professional goal.


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