RuneScape open the chest to locate a bronze sword and wood sheild

Ivan will then arrive, saying he fooled you all together, which he used your skills and money to get him into the kingdom and 3rd age plate. He'll then attack you. He is level 670 and can strike around 30, usally hitting 10s. The realms effects on people causes a poisin liek effect hitting 9 harm every 40 minutes. Thes effects ivan,so use this on your advantge. You have 10 special potions and they shield you. After ivan is kiled, you are able to select who you wish to help. You can choose saradomin, zamorak, and choose neither. You must have a complete godbook to create a choice otherwise your stuck in theere till you die. For saradomin.
You rush and attackzamorak. He is level 1080 and is exremely powerful,hitting 99s with no security of the potion. After you conquer zamorak saradomin will thank you but saradomin wll be balsted apart from guthix who afterward desrtoys everytihng.You will finish saradomin will help by healingup in a rs classic such as place. Open the chest to find a bronze sword and timber sheild. Then you will be transported to thew destryed plane summoner and the sword and sheild will be a saradominblade and saradomin protector. Together they have a unique which will heal you 50 hp. If you chooose zamorak then he will help you destroy saradomin who is level 990 zamorak can help greatly. Afterwards guthix will come and zamroak will try to carry him down only to be banished into a cage. Zamorak gives you his armor before disapearing and you will be transported to the airplane summoner. Zamoraks armor is even better than 3rd age and can be employed by mage, range warrior alike.
If you choose to do nothing then Wise old man will look, scold you and attempt to stop the insanity before being removed. Guthix will appear before you and let you assist him. You must now fight equally sardomin and zamorak however guthix is powerful and will help offensivey and recovery. It is a tough batlle. Guthix will then erase everything and yu will wind up in a classic such as world and a person will utilize a cracker on you personally.
However before you are able to enjoy your celebration hat guthix will thank you personally and set everythnig to normal you will arrive back in the ruined shrine with the guthix helm, which is very potent and strong and actually helms rangers and mages accurcey. QUEST COMPLETE! Qp gained:4 benefits are above plus a skill scrolol that will give 500k xp to whatever skill you want. That the twon wont be rebuit and will continue being a ruined plane summoner.
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Why do so many people play Animal Crossing?

Animal Crossing sold more digital units in its first month of release than any other video game in history. What makes Animal Crossing: New Horizons so fascinating? In addition to games, there is also an ACBellsBuy website dedicated to players. Players can choose to Buy ACNH Nook Miles Tickets on the website. Animal Crossing is a Sims game. Compared with other games, it is easier to use. Animal Crossing has no end, and there is no ultimate boss. This is the player's small world, do whatever you want.The content design of the animal crossing game is very interesting. The game setting is a remote island where we can get rid of worries and impose a little order on life. The game restores real life to the greatest extent. Players can go to Buy ACNH Nook Miles Tickets normally during the game. Animal Crossing series games not only attract the imagination of children and teenagers. This event is the first game they have ever played, and you can find nostalgia here.

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