Greatest weapon to OSRS gold kill prifddinus

I've a suggestion for yall. Tier lists for weapons. I had been restarting my OSRS travel and wanted to get the second greatest weapon to OSRS gold kill prifddinus guards since the rapier is out of my price range but I believed that the abby dagger was also a little much I get that the information wasn't there however to click individually on a big list to find the weapon specifics is just not excellent. However, like I said ive been gone for some time maybe you have something which fits this task and I havent found it yet.
Maybe not necessarily pet calculators (though...), but could it be possible to get an efficient pet method going for your skilling pets? For instance I know that it's best to do stone rocks for your Rock Golem, however how many hours of stone rocks that are efficient does it take to get the Rock Golem compared the amount of hours of rune stone that are efficient? 
Possibly make one which lets you choose your method and amount and how much time you are eager to put towards it So far as calculators move? For instance when I do gem rocks for one hour at par 85 and I am mining 750/hr, then it reveals the chance I get it.
Awesome now perhaps revamp the money-making guides... a whole lot are obsolete and almost all the methods recorded as"F2P" involve using members-only features to Buy Rs gold really attain the listed profit, with no mention of the change if you are really confined to F2P. 

Patsy J. Moore

Do your research at <a href="">Google</a>

Patsy J. Moore

Do your research at Google

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